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Customer Research. Reinvented.

If you thought expert customer research was something only big brands and businesses could afford, we have good news.

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No more decisions

made in the dark.

Fox is here to deliver smart research solutions to Kiwi businesses, from established firms to small start-ups.

We understand the trials you face in understanding your market, so we created a simple, quick, easy-to-afford way of getting illuminating answers to your business questions, like who are your customers and what are they thinking.

Our products.

Purchase Funnel

Are the right people aware of your brand and if so, have they purchased and would they do so again?

Brand Sentiment

Is your marketing working? Find out what people really feel about your brand, and your key competitor?

& Barriers
Trigger & Barrier

What motivates people to buy your product or service, and conversely, what is stopping them?

Ask Them
Ask Anything

Need 10 burning questions answered? Our experienced research consultants can show show you how.

Concept Testing

Is your new idea likely to succeed? This survey will help you know whether your concept has the legs to move ahead in the market.

Net Promoter
Promotor Score

How satisfied are your customers? How likely are they to recommend your business? Find out what your loyalists, as well as your most-at-risk customers think.

How it works.

We’ve distilled decades’ worth of experience into some easy-to-use products for maximum value, control, and cost efficiency. Pay less for knowing more!

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Keen to hear more?

If you’d like to stay in touch and hear more about new products and features as they’re released, click the register button below and let us know your details. Don’t worry we’ll take good care of them.

Need custom


We totally get that the range of products we offer may not be exactly what you’re looking for. So if there’s a custom project you would like us to deliver, just click on the button below and let us know what you need. We’ll sharpen the perfect research tool for your needs!